Bringing Science, Home!


Vision:  "inspiration causing motivation for education"

To Provide a public (storefront) atmosphere that would provide the public and the commercial community with the ability to create furniture, go-carts, robots, and other personal and recreational applications.  UBLDIT will provide resources so that fixturing, machinery, tools, and other industrial needs utilizing the e-blox technology and various materials that are easily available. 


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Key Features:

23 4" Black Blox
45' of 1" Solid Metal Rod
48" by 26" Glass Sheet

Work Station Componets:

Compaq Pesario 5000 Series:
  AMD Athlon 1.3 GHz Processor
  System Bus- 200 MHz Front Side System Bus
  System Memory-512 MB PC 100 SyncDRAM, Max Capacity - 794MB
  Hard Drive-80 GB UltraDMA
  Optical Drive(s)-12X DVD-ROM and 12X CD-RW drive
  Diskette Drive- 3.5" 1.44 MB Diskette drive
  Graphics-Integrated Savage4 Graphics Up to 8MB shared memory    Max
  MAG LCD Monitor: 15" Viewable Display Panel

Belkin Wireless Network
Gyration Compact Wireless Keyboard
HP Potosmart 7550
Protocol Projection Clock


12530 Manor Rd
Glen Arm MD, 21057
Call: (410) 592 3106
Fax: (410) 592 3362
e-Fax:  443-269-0269